John Gibbs,
Technology Specialist

John Gibbs

John Gibbs provides technical expertise in the mobile phone technology, computer security, networking, and software fields. His specialty is understanding mobile phone markets and technology, producing mobile phone applications for iOS and Android, and network security. His work is also concentrated on enabling NPO's and philanthropic organizations to embrace mobile technology. His fluency spans computer languages such as C++, PHP, SQL, as well as server management and configuration. John is also completely fluent in Japanese and frequently researches original source materials in Japanese.

Prior to advising the Harris Firm, John worked for Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, CA, where he developed software to test sync functionality between the iPhone and Windows computers. Prior to that, John worked for Symantec Corporation, where he developed network security software. John is currently based in Tokyo, Japan, and in addition to focusing on mobile phone applications, provides training and support to organizations on how to embrace and protect mobile and social media, both in English and Japanese.  
Recent Representations

  • Currently developing and strategically protecting innovative first-in-industry iPhone learning application;
  • Produced and protected comprehensive database-driven website for a music organization to let them organize participating singing groups and music orders;
  • Produced and protected comprehensive database-driven inventory tracking website for an NPO that repairs and sends wheelchairs to developing countries.



3-3-3 Higashiazabu, Suite 302, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106–0044
T: +81 3 4455 7215
F: +81 3 6800 6868
Email: John Gibbs

Stanford University, B.S.,
Computer Science


Japanese (spoken, written, e.g., N1 qualification)
English (native)